Zuri Scrivens

Writer and Birth Doula

Zuri Scrivens is a Canadian writer, knitter and creative designer, born in Vancouver, BC. She is currently a student of The Writer’s Studio, Simon Fraser University’s prestigious creative writing program.


Cancer is a cunning little beast. Not only does it sneak up on you when you least expect it, plaguing you with a vast array of physical effects that you want nothing to do with; but it also tosses you around on an emotional roller-coaster far surpassing any hormonally charged mood swing. 

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Take Care of You

This morning I had the mixed pleasure and pain of meeting a young woman who, up to this day, I had only befriended online through another friend. The meeting was so mixed because, although I was finally meeting her in person, this beautiful woman was lying in a hospital bed, so heavily sedated to manage her pain, that she could not even speak to me, and probably did not recognize me from pictures. 

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